Women make up 45% of the Life Sciences workforce, but 82% of board positions are held by men.

The lack of gender diversity at leadership level is setting the sector back significantly in terms of talent, productivity, and investment.
Organisations that prioritise better representation enjoy higher profits, more innovation, and a wider pool of talent to hire from.

Our new eGuide, Women in Life Sciences: Cultivating Diversity, will help you understand how to foster gender diversity within your organisation, and gives you practical strategies to improve your boardroom composition.

Download your copy and discover why gender diversity and representation makes business sense, and how to start achieving it.

In this free resource, we reveal:

  • 10 ways leaders can improve their diversity.
  • How to consider diversity in the context of selecting directors.
  • Why a lack of representation could impact your ability to grow.
  • The challenges women in Life Sciences are facing and how to solve them.